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Rhenium-Osmium dating is carried out by the isochron dating method.

Our study provides the first direct determination of the timing of ore mineralization associated with felsic magmatism in southern India, and reveals the fingerprints of a prominent Pan-African metallogenic event.

Delinquent accounts are generally reported to the major credit bureaus and a creditor can also sue to recoup what is owed.

However, the time frame in which both of these actions might happen varies for lender to lender — and can be affected by state laws.

Here we’ll explain re-aging debt and what affect it can have on your credit. An account is generally considered delinquent if it is has gone unpaid or it is not being paid as agreed.

Accounts in good standing, conversely, are those that have either been paid off or are currently being paid as specified in the original loan contract.

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