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The amount of partying that this bus can handle is massive, and i think we maxed it out that night on the drive to the glorious city of Modesto, Ca.

When we got to Modesto at am we were welcomed with open arms by Taylor's 84 year old grandma.

And then of course there are the hot chicks grinding the drummers (they rarely win but are fun to watch) Then there was the guy in the graduation hat who threw it into the crowd graduation style, when he won.

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If you haven't had the fortune to witness one of our trophy giveaways, well then you have something sensational to look forward to!Carpet the stage so it is a little sticky and weird, and then shine some lights right in your face. But we kept our eye on the prize and soon the bus was skillfully packed.Who knew all those seemingly wasted hours of Tetris as a kid would pay off?Our very first giveaway was at the Belly Up Lounge in Aspen, CO, and the winner won because she got up on the bar and started gyrating like crazy!It was that moment that I knew we were on to something.

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