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According to a fresh report received by Helsingin Sanomat, police have received about 20 per cent fewer reports of racist crime in the January-September period than over the same nine months last year.

However, complaints received by the police do not necessarily mean that actual hate crimes would have declined in the manner indicated by the Police College study.

The incident, where three people with blackened faces and ropes around their necks were led into the hall by a "slave trader" and later sold, occurred at student association Halland Nation in April.

It was reported to the police by the Afro-Swedish Association.

“One factor affecting the figures is the extent to which such cases are reported to the police.

Studies on the matter indicate that just a small proportion of hate crimes are ever reported”, says Police College researcher Jenni Niemi.

Interior Ministry Chief of Staff Ritva Viljanen says that she had heard from sources on the Consultative Committee on Ethnic Relations that there had actually been an increase in hate crimes.

In six per cent of hate crimes, the motive was the victim’s religion, and in four per cent of cases, it was the sexual orientation of the victim. The decline in hate crimes seems to have continued this year, at least with respect to those with a racist motive.

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That Park, who was responsible for the posters, will be charged, is what one ought to be able to expect from the Swedish judicial system, argued Momodou.

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