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College Football Betting: Pros and Cons of Coaching Changes By Loot, NCAA Football Handicapper, Coaches generally get a longer leash in college football than in the NFL, but the days of old are over.

Programs are eager to win and coaches are usually the recipient of the wrath, whether justified or not.

In the video, Ferrell was supposed to attempt a half-court shot, but instead launched the basketball into a woman’s face during the halftime show.(Watch the moment at the mark) Fellow cheerleaders and the Pelicans’ mascot rushed by her side at the Smoothie King Center.Security swiftly dragged a “drunken” Ferrell out of the arena.No, not about the shape of the new, specially designed Adidas ball, but about the dudes themselves. In fact, two out of three of us quickly declared soccer players the hottest athletes on Earth. ) But that started a sorta-serious debate: What about swimmers (those )? We quickly dismissed bikers on two counts: 1) scrawny 2) impotent (though we kind of think Lance Armstrong is a butherface.) Gymnasts? “Hi, I’m 33, and I have arthritis.” Like to slap each other on the ass a little much.

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