Principal intimidating teacher

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Since then Singh has been threatening the 27-year-old victim saying he would make the video viral if she did not comply with his demands. Soon after the teacher lodged a case in Sarita Vihar Police Station, police rushed to arrest the accused identified as Rakesh Singh."A complaint was registered with us by the victim in which she alleged that she was being raped and threatened by her school principal for the last few years in the school premises," police said."The victim told us that she was first assaulted in June 2017 when Singh called her to take extra classes after school hours.The principal took her to his office room and offered her soft drink laced with sedatives.They can make a difference for the children, the staff and the parents. It’s a very important role and it is about that future – do you know together we create the future?’‘I think many people can be turned off being a principal because of what they hear in the media and what they hear just from their colleagues, and that’s why I think it’s important to know, “Why am I doing it and why would I want to do it?

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