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Two hundred consecutive women with uncomplicated pregnancies, at or within 4 days of their expected date of confinement, were prospectively randomized into 2 groups.One group had expectant management, with twice weekly surveillance tests, while the other group had 3 mg of vaginal prostaglandin E as outpatient treatment.Our observations imply a relict subduction initiation event occurred in the Laxmi basin in the Late Cretaceous-Early Cenozoic that marks a significant Cenozoic plate reorganisation record in the northwest Indian Ocean.New findings therefore warrant re-evaluation of the Gondwana breakup to account for the nascent subduction in the northwest Indian Ocean.Here, we present distinct geochemical and geophysical imprints from the igneous crust in Laxmi basin obtained through International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 355.The geochemical and isotopic signatures of the Laxmi basin crust exhibit uncanny similarities with forearc tectonic settings.These two samples exhibit U-shaped total REE patterns suggestive of their extremely depleted nature (Fig. The classic U-shaped REE patterns are analogous to boninites that overlie the FAB sequence in the IBM subduction system as well as other boninites found elsewhere.

The tectonic evolution of Laxmi basin, presently located along western Indian passive margin, remains debated.A regional geological overview (a) and a detailed structural map (b) of western Indian passive margin depicting location of Laxmi basin in the northwest Indian Ocean. Solid, thin lines (in black) show regional seismic profiles from present and previous studies respectively.Thick, red part of the E–W oriented seismic profile IODP-04 is displayed in Fig. Grey circles with numbers mark locations of refraction seismic experiments.Basalts displaying major element chemistry of MORB with moderate HFSE depletion and LILE enrichment have been extensively studied in the Izu–Bonin Mariana (IBM) subduction system. Therefore, identification of FABs on a margin implies the onset of a protoarc.Such successions typically begin with FAB and progress upwards to lavas with more depleted compositions before final highly depleted, boninites Detailed comparisons of N-MORB normalised HFSE and LILE profiles of LB basalts and FAB types from IBM display striking resemblances (Fig. Most of the LB lavas show light rare earth element (LREE) depleted patterns except for the two petrographically distinct samples as discussed above.

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