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The concierge role is part of CCC’s goal to create a clinical environment where those alienated from mainstream medical services feel welcome.When a concierge is on shift, visitors are always met with a friendly smile.On top of the positive impact volunteers have on our clients and staff, volunteers are often some of the best ambassadors for our mission.They share their work and experiences with their families, friends and co-workers.We close out our National Health Center Week 2019 series with a unique take on what it means to be “rooted in community” by focusing on Central City Concern (CCC) volunteers.CCC Volunteer Manager Westbrook Evans shares several ways our volunteers help CCC take root in our community, as well as how volunteers themselves become part of the community to which they give their time.Volunteers truly spread our roots throughout Portland!

Okay, I know that this has been needed for a VERY long time, but a Dave's ESL Cafe re-design is in the works. Check out English Meeting's in-depth audio interview covering the entire ESL Cafe Story! Looking for a way to promote your products and services on the #1 ESL Website on the Net? The Living Room The Living Room program is at the cornerstone (literally) of two Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) sites, Old Town Clinic (OTC) and the Old Town Recovery Center (OTRC).The Living Room is a program for CCC patients who are living with and managing behavioral and mental health challenges, and serves the spiritual and community needs of patients engaged in our medical services.I asked Beau, a Living Room volunteer, what being “rooted in community” means to him in relation to his volunteer role. People make up a community with the knowledge and ideas they share with each other.” We are so grateful that the Living Room volunteers show up every day to share this experience and build the community.Clinic Concierge Program The Clinic Concierge program is in its fifth year at OTC.

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