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Other operators are waiting for final agreements with their carmaker customers, who dictate the networks and ports used.

Those OEMs are likely to be looking for alternatives as eagerly as their logistics providers, however, as the annual increase in handling fees for the four operators using Derince is something that will translate into higher service charges.“The OEMs will end up paying the bills because it is their product,” said Sturgeon.

The Port Authority of Guam on Thursday won its appeal in the Supreme Court of Guam, related to an employee it fired in 2012.

The Civil Service Commission must further examine one of the allegations that led to the firing of Port personnel specialist Frances Arriola, according to justices, who reversed Arriola’s 2015 victory in the Superior Court of Guam.

In November 2016, Glencore notified the ACCC of a dispute with PNO about the price increase and requested the ACCC to arbitrate.

Since then, PNO has increased the charge to its current 2018 price of AUD 0.76 per GT. * In contrast, Glencore submitted the charge should be reduced to AUD 0.41 per GT.

In firing Arriola, the Port accused her of using false per diem rates — more than triple the applicable rate — when calculating how much to release to Meno for her planned medical trip.

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According to the Port, Meno wasn't, which means any workers' compensation benefits she received were illegal, documents state.Our strategy is to eliminate Derince from our trading network as soon as possible.”It is also the case for Grimaldi, according to Costantino Baldissara, commercial, logistics and operations director, who confirmed the shipping line was looking for alternative solutions so it could definitely close operations at Derince.“The 450% cost increase is impossible to absorb, regardless of who is paying for it,” he said.Arriola was supposed to be paid damages and attorney’s fees after winning her case at the Civil Service Commission and in Superior Court, but justices stated payment is now premature.Seven port employees, including Arriola, were fired in connection with allegedly helping provide illegal workers' compensation benefits to former Port marketing manager Bernadette Sterne Meno.

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