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Individuals and small companies can make a great deal of money out of good new ideas.The success of large established corporations – Matsushita, Philip Morris, IBM or General Electric is generally based on other things: their depth of technical expertise, their marketing skills.Today the calculators we use are probably made by Casio, our video recorder comes from Matsushita, our lowalcohol beer is Miller Lite, our nappies are made by Proctor & Gamble.In each of these markets the innovator was swept away.Xerox looks like an exception to this sorry catalogue.The company was first into the photocopier market and, even if its dominance was ultimately challenged by Canon, it remains a large and successful company today.And time and again these characteristics enable them to develop the innovative concept far more effectively than the innovators themselves. commercial competitive technical established marketing skills expertise success advantage computers corporation 5.

Or perhaps you should not, because none of these companies made a commercial success of their innovations.

As we all know, it was Apple that developed the personal computer market.

But Apple’s leadership quickly disappeared when IBM came on the scene.

But Xerox was also a pioneer in fax machines and personal computers.

Each of these eventually proved to be a success, but not for Xerox Corporation.

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