Planet earth dating

Over many many years, this results in a replacement of much of the planet’s surface.

Because of the uneven shape of the globe, the planet’s gravity is unevenly distributed, too, so some parts of the planet have been found to have lower or higher levels of gravity than others.

Or what about the fact that the largest living organism isn’t an elephant or a whale but actually a 2.4-mile It’s all true.

For those and more, see these 30 facts that will definitely make you truly appreciate this 197-million square-mile orb on which we live.

If you’re looking for a seriously steep cliff, you’ll find it on Canada’s Baffin Island in Auyuittuq National Park in the northern part of the country.

Named Mount Thor, it has a 4,000-foot rock face that has proved daunting for climbers, with 30 attempts made before a four-man team from America finally succeeded in 1985 (it only took them 33 days).

And for more shocking facts, check out these 30 Things You Always Believed That Aren’t True.

That’s the theory at least, put forward by a computer model that attempted to figure why the side of the moon that faces Earth is relatively low and flat and the one that faces away has a much thicker crust.

On a daily basis, dust from meteorites, comets, and other solar bodies fall to earth in tiny particles that increase the levels of sodium and iron in the planet’s atmosphere.And for more amazing facts, check out these 50 Amazing Facts for People Who Can’t Get Enough Amazing Facts.When we think of lakes, we usually think of tranquility and summers relaxing by them—not lethal explosions.For instance, did you know that our oceans hold more than 0 trillion worth of gold?Or that the tallest mountain in the world technically isn’t even Mount Everest?

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