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Burner phones give you the same phone slamming ability as a regular flip phone, although it is not recommended that you do so.Burner phones are great because they are extremely lightweight and small, so you’ll never feel like you’re actually carrying around two phones, despite that you are technically carrying around two phones.Burner phones are disposable mobile phones that provide additional security and anonymity.You’ve likely become familiar with them being utilized in any number of Hollywood films where nefarious individuals participating in organized crime found them to be quite useful.

Anonymity and Privacy Your personal data and information are generally safe and protected (in many cases not even logged at all).

Burner phones, on the other hand, do not have this ability, therefore your data remains safe.

Unlike carriers, they have no interest in collecting your data for any reason whatsoever.

Even if you choose to connect your phone app to a third party app such as Dropbox, Slack, or Evernote, your personal information still remains completely secure and private.

Connecting to a third party app may allow you to automatically archive and texts and pictures that would otherwise get wiped out as soon as you delete your temporary number.

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