Peerguardian blocklist not updating

In theory, it does sound appealing; however, the program can be a bit finicky to work around.In addition, it seems that it is impossible to block all potential dangerous IPs.This is because torrenting in some regions, like the U. Therefore, users can find themselves facing backbreaking fines.However, using a cloaking mechanism of a simple VPN can save you from all this hassle.It can restrict user defined IP addresses from connecting to your computer.The concept behind Peer Block is to block IP addresses that are used by government agencies or copyright enforcers.

Even though both programs are pretty much the same, but as expected, Peer Block is a much more refined version.

However, some programs tend work better than Peer Block and we are mentioning some of the best Peer Block alternatives in the list below.

Simplewall is great tool for configuring Windows filtering platform and network activity.

Torrenting is an amazing way of sharing files fast and easy. Despite its popularity, torrenting without any protective measures can be risky.

Most torrent users must have encountered some sort of DMCA notice in their life.

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