Outlook 2016 gal not updating exchange 2016

This guides lists the two things you’ll need to check and set correctly, and offers a solution in case that fails.

These are the different types of address lists that are available: Users in your organization use address lists and the GAL to find recipients for email messages.

For existing users running Outlook 2013, the new users do not appear in the Global Address List nor in the "All Users" address list.

On the Exchange server, the new users appear in the "All Users" address book when running "Preview" in Edit Address List wizard (EMC All Users) I can run "Update-Global Address List -Identity "Default Global Address List." Command runs successfully with no errors generated.

To do so right click the Contacts folder and choose Properties-When the Outlook Address Book service has already been added and the option to select the Contacts folder as an Outlook Address Book is still disabled and greyed out, it means that the Outlook Address Book service is corrupted.

To fix this you’ll have to recreate your Mail Profile.

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