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One of the best ways to showcase your personality is with your clothes.Choose a variety of outfits that show off different aspects of your personality.Take control of your inner critic and be as confident as you can to take truly great photos.

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Some of my favourite props are ice creams, hats, big headphones, clutch bags and cameras – all great for capturing relaxed, casual photos.To attract good quality dates there are three main things that your dating photos need to do.They need to make sure you look good; to showcase elements of your personality; and to help you to stand out from the sea of other dating profiles online.Shots of you visiting your favourite street market, having a coffee at that café by the river, or cycling through the park are great for letting people know a bit more about you.The casual nature of these photos are especially good for dating as they often appear less posed and more relaxed, like you’re not trying too hard.

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