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Those who suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder will often avoid social situations for long periods of time which in turn can increase the severity of their shyness.

If your shyness has been diagnosed as Social Anxiety Disorder or if your shyness rules your life, then you must list it in your profile.

The range of this anxiety will vary from person to person as will the degree that the shyness affects the person’s life.

Some people may be able to internalize this shyness to the point where other people don’t even realize they struggle with it.

These symptoms can be brought on by many social situations, from having a conversation with someone to entering a room with many people in it to going on a first date.

The painfully shy person will find that this anxiety rules their life.

They would rather have a few friends over instead of throwing a party.

If you’re intentionally making a choice to avoid social situations with no regret, you’re introverted as opposed to shy.

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If you don’t want to list being shy, that’s fine too.

I see no reason to go out of your way to explicitly point out introversion in your dating profile.

However, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you are honest and reveal that you prefer small gatherings over large ones or that you value one-on-one quiet time over the social scene.

An introverted person may have excellent social skills but prefers not to use them.

This type of person would prefer to watch a movie at home instead of going to the bar.

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