No luck with dating

--------- OP dating websites are crap unless you're decent looking and have a bit of game to your messages. Online is worse, I've been online since 2001 searching and searching up till now and still no luck, I had 3 dates out of it and i was on like everyday for 3 months and then a gap of a few then back on.

I've only just realised when i was 30 after times of leaving the country i had more contact with girls, even as friends, italians kissed me, that's more than i've ever had, same with Latin america, oh i had a 2 week friendship/relationship (she was a confused lesbian who i ended up on a 3 some type thing when we all went san francisco lol but that was purely out walking holding hands together, it was all quite strange but in a nice way) Anyway, after being to asia and seeing girls like cute boys and are not into playing stupid games like pretending they don't fancy the other, girls being the more dominent and men being allowed to be less macho, I've realised my place is over there. I mean, I don't have a strong social circle, I hardly ever go out, so my chances of meeting people are even slimmer than normal.

Need help, I'm banging my head against a wall here.

Online is worse, I've been online since 2001 searching and searching up till now and still no luck, I had 3 dates out of it and i was on like everyday for 3 months and then a gap of a few then back on.

How can one person be so out of luck when it comes to dating?

Sure, my social life isn't great, but even when I was going out, my social life sucked.

I think for sex the UK it's off to can get that stuff in certain thai bars but for the real girls then you're better off going to the library or church over there.

Join Badoo website where it's like a friend finder and add them on facebook and do research.

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Try filipino cupid though most show as looking for a man aged 18-65, you can tell what they're after, but there's some on there that are genuine looking at ages 18-35 but be careful. I am having absolutely no luck on these meet up sites. I couldn't get guys offline to date me even though his online drooled over me.I asked about meeting up and she was busy (due to her running her own cleaning business) and so we kept chatting for a while, then I kind of gave up on asking her to meet up.I asked again the other day, but she never really gave any clear dates of when she'd be free so I have given up.Maybe some of these girls are just too shy to say 'come here and bang me' because they don't want to seem slutty.If girls have said they are willing to sleep with you (therefore you haven't pressure them) it wouldn't be totally unreasonable for you to make a move on them if they are offering. I am on this dating site, so are you, here are my pictures, you like them, ok let's meet up and ****, yay we're a couple. If you meet people online do it on a forum where people are expressing their opinions and messaging eachother freely, rather than purely setting up a man-trap or woman-trap with the template given.

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