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Stripe uses a process called ‘Tokenization’ to secure your credit card details. A: We email invoices to the email address you have specified in your billing details right after we have successfully charged your credit card for the applicable fees for that month.

You can also access your invoice history in your Configure tab - Payments.

Q: When will the payment be charged to my credit card?

A: We will charge your credit card on the same day you activate your Pro Plan subscription.

The charge will be an Estimated Fee (based on your bot’s current number of reachable users) for the upcoming month.

The following month, your card will be charged on the same date (Payment Date) for the following items: We will automatically charge your card in this fashion each month on your Payment Date.

You can read more about statuses in the article about People Tab — a place where there you can thoroughly analyze your audience. Messenger users become bot subscribers (reachable users) if they: Q: What if I have more than 25,000 reachable users?

The price increases according to our sliding scale.A: All people who have ever interacted with the bot are bot users.There are two types of users: reachable and blocked ones.Upgrade to Pro is available for bots connected to a Facebook page: the plan will be associated with that page even if you connect another bot to it.Q: What do “reachable users” and “subscribers” mean?

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