Nick stahl dating dating family photographs

Earlier this year, Jonas insisted that he’s not trying to “gay-bait” fans by making ambiguous comments about his sexuality.

The former Disney star found fame with his family band the Jonas Brothers – but has enjoyed a renaissance both as an actor and a solo musician.

Adam, whose question was, “would you have sex with a minor”, follows Elizabeth to the wine cellar and accuses her of arranging the delivery of the package.She then reveals that she is Christian’s sister from his father’s affair; Christian accepts Elizabeth as his sister and devises a plan to kill everyone in the house to protect their newfound secret.He then proceeds to shoot Benjamin and Adam, bludgeon Piper with his shotgun, and stabs Kate with a pool cue.The questions are deeply personal, covering topics such as sex and incest.Some of the questions posed included "would you sleep with a relative? ” A year later, the group all meet again at Christian’s and Elizabeth’s new mansion for a New Year's Eve dinner.

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