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Combining elements of jazz, house, funk and electronica, "i Records" began working closely with local area artists to develop a new sound. What followed was a string of Yost successes, including "One Starry Night", a record considered by many as the best house genre recording of 1997.

This release rapidly grew into powerful alliances with various European labels and gave birth to Kevin Yost’s debut album.

The maxi CD single features a Yam Who Radio Edit, retaining all those clever lyrical moments in a bite-size chunk.This alliance grew into the label’s newfound interest in world music and a string of classic releases from Les Crees including "Paradise" and "La La La".As "i" continued to progress it began signing artists on the worldwide basis and began featuring music from various countries including Sweden, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, & France.Inspired by the 1980’s electro, hip hop and house music scenes, Ventola, a university graduate student and Calle, a long time DJ, conceptualized a record label with a singular focus…simply "the release of " served up.The label’s first release, a 5 track compilation entitled the "First Avenue EP" sold out three pressings and the duo soon realized there was no looking back.

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