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While we were chatting, she would coo to him in Russian baby talk that her own mother might have once whispered to her.

Otherwise his earliest memories will be as different as can be from his mother’s—that’s for sure!

“I knew she was doing it for us, and I wanted to help her so much,” she says. She would be so exhausted by the time she got to school that she could barely focus, or she’d miss school entirely because she was needed at home.

Her mother washed the floors at Natalia’s school and worked nights in the car factory where both her grandparents had been employed all their lives.

“I spent my life trying to make my mother feel better,” she says.Instead, as Ingrid Sischy discovers, Vodianova’s past is a source of strength, passion, and purpose.‘Natalia does not tell you her story the way an American would,” says Bruce Weber, the photographer. With Natalia: it happened, it’s simple, and that’s the way it is.Just like the women in a Chekhov play, she has this extraordinary resilience.Mind you, this was two weeks after she had had her first baby, Lucas, with the Honorable Justin Portman, an English aristocrat, third son of the late Viscount Edward Henry Berkeley Portman. of Berluti, and his equally capable sister, Delphine, are the young scions of the family that owns the LVMH empire.(His family owns a lot of prime real estate in central London.) Since then, like Twiggy, Veruschka, Iman, Linda, the Christies, Naomi, Kate, and Gisele before her, Natalia has reached such iconic status in the fashion world that she has entered the ranks of one-named idols. (Vodianova and Portman, who together had three children, Lucas, 12, Neva, 8, and Viktor, 6, ended their marriage in 2010.) On weekends she, Arnault, and the family can often be found at their country place, about 40 minutes outside of Paris.

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