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You could game it to prompt your crush into talking with you. DROPPING CONSTANT "OOPS SORRY, WRONG CONVO" APOLOGIES Messenger wasn't just about keeping a single conversation going, oh no.By quickly switching your status from Online to Appear Offline and back again would send a pop-up notification to all of your online contacts, including your crush. You often had a dozen conversation tabs on the go at once. Oh, sorry, Lisa, no, not you, a different Lisa, honest.") At others, it was a desperate way of getting your crush to notice you. Oh, sorry Michelle, wrong convo.") The genius mind games of a horny teenager. ASKING FOR MSN NAMES, NOT NUMBERS When you were a teen, asking a crush for their phone number was the ultimate in nausea-inducing, sweat-causing, humiliation-guaranteeing apprehension.Now the waiting game as you sat, horny heart in mouth, as you hoped for them to message you. This spelled problems though, namely writing the wrong things to the wrong people. Asking for their MSN name, however, was perfectly acceptable and in no way implied how much you were secretly crushing on them.It was less invasive despite letting you talk to them more and get to know things – like their favourite songs – simply by snooping on their ever changing statuses. RUSHING HOME FROM SCHOOL TO TALK TO THE PEOPLE YOU SPENT ALL DAY WITH You spent six hours a day with your mates at school, but would always quickly rush home after the final bell to talk to them online. Well because you'd never managed to make plans for that evening's kickabout or general dossing about beyond the daily "meet you online at 4? This was the dawn of simple, speedy communication that your parents couldn't eavesdrop on. NUDGING NIGHTMARES Long before the Facebook 'Poke', there was the MSN Messenger 'Nudge', and boy was it annoying.To live in Eureka Springs is to be surrounded by natural beauty 24-7.Even the town's most famous place of worship, the Thorncrown Chapel, ensures that you can still take in the gorgeous Ozark mountains scenery via 6,000-square-feet of windows.You can't help but expand your horizons in Bisbee, a town that happily embraces the arts and a generally free-spirited vibe.Local artists display their works at the many galleries in town and can be found teaching open workshops at Bisbee Craft School.

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When your mate refused to answer your message – even if they'd just nipped to the loo or were grabbing a drink – that was it, 27 Nudges were heading their way every ten seconds.

You can keep your Whats Apps and your Snapchats, your Facebook Messenger conversations and Twitter messages. Having launched back in 1999 MSN Messenger, the only means of contact for 90s and 00s teens, s Related: Whats App tips and tricks It was no coincidence that MSN Messenger's powers peaked around the same time as the emo fad swung into action. The ability to set song lyrics as your status that topped every conversation and was proudly displayed to the world.

Cue an unhealthy outpouring of teenage angst that often reflected your current emotional state.

Believing someone was offline only to find out they'd just been chatting to your bezzie meant just one thing – you'd been blocked. Being able to see when someone was typing a message filled you with an excitement unparalleled to this day. THE HORROR WHEN THAT "TYPING" MESSAGE NEVER ARRIVED Being able to see when someone was typing something to you wan't all sunshine and lollipops though. Once installed, realising all of your Messenger mates were in the same class kind of defeated the point, but your name is still being talked about around the school to this day.

While checking with a mate to see if a suspected blocker was actually online was embarrassing enough sign of self-indulgent paranoia, it had nothing on being added to a group chat with someone you'd just blocked. BEING ABLE TO SEE WHEN YOUR CRUSH WAS TYPING SOMETHING TO YOU O. Sure, Whats App and Facebook do the same now, but it's not the same dammit. Mostly by teachers discussing the biggest pricks they ever taught mind. PLAYING MINESWEEPER FLAGS LIKE YOU WERE A CALL OF DUTY SNIPER Not only did MSN Messenger precede the likes of Whats App and Facebook Messenger by a good decade, its heyday was firmly in the pre-broadband era.

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