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There is no universal way of knowing which decade a tyre was made.During the 1990s, tyres were marked with a triangle pointing to the last digit of the serial number in order to distinguish them from previous decades.Based on various sources, a tire can last from 6 to 10 years.In Europe, where you can drive up to higher speeds, most organization call for a maximum of 6 years lifespan.Unlike other car parts, however, tire manufacturers always give an estimate for about how long a tire should last.

These cracks may appear on the tyre’s surface, but they can also appear out of sight within the structure of the tyre. Telling the age of a tyre that has not been retreaded is fairly straightforward.So, for example, if you see a "297" the tire was made in 1997, or if you see a "2409" that would mean that the tire was made in the 24th week of 2009 [source: Holguin]. So now we know how to determine how old a tire is and that some car manufacturers and safety groups encourage a six-year limit on tire age. The tire industry has not yet set up its own estimate, partly because it doesn't want to give consumers the idea that its tires are guaranteed to last that long [source: Holguin].Although there isn't a set expiration date as of yet, companies like Ford Motor Company already encourages its customers to scrap their tires if they're more than six years old [source: Holguin]. You can tell how old a tire is by looking on the tire's sidewall.

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