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I must think about what I'm saying at all times while filming both of us. I'll try not to touch you." Or, "Put in your hand and pull out the microphone. I continue dating but begin to weary of having to give the same presentation each time. If he's not a scientist, then how did he make a gorgeous sex bomb like you? I decided to see my neighborhood plastic surgeon for Botox. Turns out her dentist gives Botox treatments for NIS 2,000, and the effects last five months. As usual, I asked how many dates he had been on, and he told me about one of them: "I took a cooler and we went for a hike in the Galilee. At this age we're both looking for the same things and the odds that we'll grow old together are looking pretty good. It depicts Tal's unconventional, two-year quest for a mate, in Israel and abroad.Usually I would put down the camera somewhere and go to sit next to "the intended." I had to stay close to "the intended" even if I wasn't too interested in him, in order to ensure that I'd be in the frame, too. Good, I just have to clip it to the edge of your shirt so you can't see it. Who am I, how long was I married for, what do I do for a living, how many children, am I a grandmother yet, where do I live. Usually I shower the man with questions, and he has a right to know something about me, too. I'm dreaming of the second date, when we've gotten past the stage of the same old questions. I was told it paralyzes the forehead, smoothing out the horizontal creases and also, to some degree, the vertical ones between the eyebrows. W "Sixty and the City" will air on Yes Docu at 10 P. Tal is a well-known producer and director of documentaries.As for the videotape, I bought a professional video camera with a wireless microphone and asked the men who contacted me if they would let me film our date - and other things, should they happen. But out of the footage from those who agreed I created the documentary "Sixty and the City" ("Bat 60 Mehapeset Ahava" ), which will be broadcast on the Yes Docu satellite station on Monday and and is being screened every Saturday in July at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. Outside, as promised, there were jackals, rummaging through the trash. " I asked, and he pulled out a thermos of black coffee. Had he brought a bottle of red wine, the evening in the SUV, at my advanced age, surrounded by jackals on the Netanya beach, might have ended differently. Suddenly I felt just like Samantha Jones from "Sex and the City," who lusts after young, tight bodies. To go by the photos on their profiles, each one is at least a David Beckham or Leonardo Di Caprio. You're such a beautiful woman, you're really special, you look so good for your age, I'd guess you were at least 10 years younger, wow, simply gorgeous.My first surprising date (who unfortunately declined to be filmed ) was Ron, from Kfar Shmaryahu. I stood in front of the closet for at least 30 minutes, trying to decide. I may be young but I realize that you older women are the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world!" In the morning, Edward drove me to the station, and I had to put away my dream of the goose farm. I'm sitting across from a man who is lonely and looking for someone, just like me. I hope to be in that minority, but not at any price. He suggested we meet at his apartment, in the city's industrial zone. In the evening I got dressed up and took a taxi from my hotel. Red velvet throws were strewn haphazardly on the couches. Beber tells me he was a nightclub singer in the 1970s and '80s, and he shows me his sound system.Sounded nice, better than coffee in a cafe yet again. Beber greeted me at the entrance to a public bomb shelter in a white tank top and jeans, studded leather belt and cowboy boots made of textured brown leather. "Follow me," he said, and I followed him down the stairs. This bomb shelter was the sexiest place I'd ever seen. For example, I could come home from work and tell her, 'Yalla, sweetheart, pack a bag, we're taking a trip.' Where? He put on some music, picked up a microphone and began singing a Hebrew version of a Julio Iglesias song: "I walk in the rain. And when everyone is sleeping, we're alone there in the darkness, surrounded by the stars, without fear, like a pair of doves, just you and I in the world." He sings and I film him, focusing on his hands, on the smoke from his cigarette, on the microphone he's holding, on the tight jeans, the white tank top. Bye." The nicest thing about the dates with men my age was the excitement that came before, the preparations. You should give me a chance." I hesitated at first but eventually gave myself permission and dated some young men. The Internet allowed women like me to do what we had never dared before.

" From Rani, also 25: "Hi Princess, good evening to you.

"I'm afraid of getting used to being lonely," he says. In "Bruna," made for Keshet, another Channel 2 franchisee, Tal returned after 20 years to Bruna, who was adopted in Brazil by an Israeli couple as an infant and returned to her birth mother by the courts two years later.

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