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The good news is, the game will still get finished!The bad news is, if funding fails, we plan on pitching the finished game to publishers, a process... We've been having trouble bringing the alpha into playable shape in time for the end date of this Kickstarter. The Internet is certainly a miraculous creation but there are times when we see truly horrific things that it’s enabled that make us wish we could burn the Internet down and salt over its ashes.Something has smelled fishy ever since the post went up, and it's not because it's lent either.

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Note: They don't work on mobile devices, Adobe Flash Player 20 is required, and you need to have good internet connection to play the simulators. But, if you want to share this with others, you are more than welcome to. Request/Commission/Trade Info: Pony Simulator Info [3 SLOTS OPENING IN APRIL]These have been confirmed to be opened in April.200-400 Point Commissions, Requests, Art Trades. After so much time, effort, and money put into this whole entire animation project, working on it on for about 5-12 hours daily ever since I started the project (excluding all the animation practice I did during the month before), I finally bring you all my next biggest thing yet: Li’l Lovey’s Interactive Simulators REMASTERED!!! /)^3^(\----------- for any type of fame, popularity, attention, nor money. But, there are some things that look like mistakes, but are meant to be there on purpose. (Ex: I don’t do pony creator OCs)”------------My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ©, Undertale, Me, Stroker – Jingle Punks, certain You Tube videos, Hanna Barbara cartoons, Sound, RPG Maker VX Ace, (I forgot the name of the second BGM, but I don’t claim it as mine)-Puppets, Backgrounds, Animations, Rigs, Tweens, Coding/Scripts, Mechanics, and pretty much everything was created by (Me)-Starlight Glimmer and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © belongs to Hasbro © and Lauren Faust.-Special Thanks to thatguy1945 for giving me tips and advice on how to use Adobe Flash/Animate and inspiring me to make these.Also, I will be doing these as ART TRADES soon (Hopefully, like December). I have five more simulators that are going to be posted in March. But we all saw what happened to those who were developing "MLP: Fighting is Magic" the video game... I gotta say, if it werent for Hasbro's tight copyrights, I'd be developing a MLP: Dating Sim right now!

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