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Upon remembering where he left his defuser gun the night Roxanne dumped him after his Bernard disguise faltered away, Megamind took the weapon, but Tighten threw him up into the sky before turning his rage towards Roxanne, hoping to finish her off.However, Megamind appeared in front of Tighten after temporarily dehydrating himself to land himself into the water fountain where Roxanne was standing.

Roxanne then continued on dating Bernard (who was actually Megamind in disguise), much to Hal's disappointment and anger.Tightenville was the metropolis of Metro City (or Metrocity) before and during Megamind's dictatorship until Hal Stewart usurped him under the name of Tighten in the 2010 Dream Works animated film Megamind.After Tighten' overthrow, Tightenville were 'Metrocity' again and were threatened again when The Doom Syndicate tried to steal both Metro Man and Megamind's DNA to take over it, but they were defeated by Megamind.", and started off by flicking the Mayor off violently with his finger, much to everyone's shock.Without hesitation, Tighten terrorized Metro City by burning the name 'Tightenville' into the ground in colossal letters, causing more damage to the city than Megamind had ever done.

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    I will only be listing the names of the places and their rules. Also included on this page are the Calendar of Events, Single-Friendly Clubs, and Regional On-Line Contacts. I wrote a review of Swallows Sun Island Club (this club closed in May 2008) near San Diego a few weeks ago.