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If you are looking for a life partner, then we'd strongly advise you to search for other dating sites.

First launched in October 2014, Pure has been deemed as strong competition for Tinder since its concept makes finding casual sex partners quicker and easier.

Nearly a quarter of Americans in a separate Trans Union survey said a good credit score makes someone more attractive.

"All age groups understand how important credit is in their lives, as it relates to compatibility," said Heather Battison, a vice president at Trans Union, a credit-scoring company.

We learned all this in Irish Central’s charming post, “How things have changed – ten things that Irish women could not do in 1970s.” And that made us wonder, what were things like for women in America before the ’70s? Until the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in 1978, women could be fired from their workplace for being pregnant. Report cases of sexual harassment in the workplace. Women could not don their running shoes until 1972!

So while we still have a long way to go to secure total equality for women, let’s take a moment to celebrate how far we’ve come. The first time that a court recognized sexual harassment in the workplace was in 1977 and it wasn’t until 1980 that sexual harassment was officially defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

If Uber had a baby with Snapchat, Pure is a hookup app that has one simple premise, and that is to deliver dates on demand.

Contrary to other existing dating apps, this one does not promise longevity or even actual relationships, for that matter.

Apps of today have become so innovative that people have grown vastly dependent on them to do chores and a bunch of other things.Both men and women alike said that a romantic partner seems more attractive when their income is significantly higher than their debt, according to a survey by Lending Tree, an online lending exchange that connects consumers with banks.Alternatively, the higher the debt compared with income, the less attractive they were, the report said.One partner's bad credit could impact other aspects of your life as a couple when you apply for credit jointly, including what mortgage rate you qualify for together and whether you qualify at all, she said.With money at the root of a lot of relationship stress and arguments, it's no surprise that a partner with credit issues can cause a significant strain.

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    However, by adulthood, she was perfectly comfortable with her sexuality, although she preferred to keep her preferences to herself when dealing with colleagues.

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    In furtherance of this purpose and to honor and promote our moral and religious beliefs, we donate a portion of our business proceeds to organizations that promote strong traditional marriages, such as Focus on the Family.

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    In 1994, Congress passed the This Act, and the 1996 additions to the Act, recognize that domestic violence is a national crime and that federal laws can help an overburdened state and local criminal justice system.