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On feeling like Americas most wanted: So many people want to bring me down, and I cant wait to prove them wrong.If they believe what they read about me, they automatically persecute and torment me.I don't want to talk about it, but I have definitely experienced abuse in a way that I would tell people to take their heart and run." But things are good with Romo.While performing at a recent country music festival, she dedicated her new song "You're My Sunday" to the QB, who is supportive of her new musical direction. "He'll say, 'Jessica, 75 percent of the comments about your new single ['Come On Over'] are favorable.'" Source: On her life changing incident: I was singing 9 to 5 and I choked and forgot the words in front of the president and in front of Dolly Parton, whos like the president to me.Never let it be said that the Simpsons don't appreciate the little people in their life.Last night, an expectant Ashlee threw a going-away bash for her assistant, and was joined by the entire family.The pair had a rocky year-long romance that ended last spring, but she has no hard feelings. John is going to be an amazing man for someone, but I know that I was supposed to be with someone else." Simpson says Romo is different from all of her exes. He's the first person I've spiritually connected with. "There's nothing on my album that you're gonna hear that I don't relate to or that I haven't experienced," she says."John believed in the Jessica Simpson that's within," she tells the magazine. "Most of the guys I dated were captivated by my heart but they had different ways of trying to get to me. "Because the only way I know how to sing is from life experience.

Jessica Simpson's country music career is just kicking off, but she already has plenty of material for songs about bad boys, heartbreak and a romantic Cowboy.Hubby Pete Wentz was in the house, along with Jessica, Joe, Tina, Jess' old assistant Cacee Cobb..even Mary-Kate Olsen.The soiree was held at new Hollywood hot spot the Stork, where guests began showing up around 10 p.m.Tony has repeatedly gushed about how Favre is his idol and his playing style has often been compared to a young Favre.Source: Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are a match made in Texas heaven.

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