Mail updating cache directory the risks of online dating

While this is a great idea if you're using Gmail offline on your home computer or some other trusted device, it's not so great if you've left your cached Gmail messages on a public computer where somebody else could potentially read your personal information.If you find that mail will suddenly not download, when it was downloading before, it could be due to a few reasons: 1) You have Postbox set to check for new messages too often, and the server isn't responding.You can also use the Profile Manager to create a profile wherever you want (but don't create it in the Thunderbird program directory) or to delete or rename one.It is a good idea to periodically backup your profile to a safe location.

Try lowering the number by following the instructions in this help article: Too Many Connections to the IMAP Server​ 4) Finally, try deleting your caches folder: How to Delete the Postbox Caches Directory Please remember to restart Postbox after performing any changes.

You can set a custom location using other methods mentioned below.

The installation directory includes a folder named "profile" (for example, C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\defaults\profile on Windows), but this folder contains program defaults, your user profile data.

Thunderbird has several new features which are enabled by default that increase the size of a profile.

If you disable offline folders, global search, and the disk cache Thunderbird will only download headers for messages in remote folders (IMAP account).

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