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The Domaine is not very well known today but what about tomorrow ?

Chemical industry has bettered the farmers’ life and made their work easier and increased the economic profitability and steered them clear of diseases which before used to decimate whole plots of land.

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Salads, Tarts, Grills, Mediterranean Cooking Deities inhabited the Domaine eversince Antiquity, Romans planted their vines and celebrated their gods here, Gallics built villas and worshipping places, troubadours sang its charms…The nose suggests succulunt red and black fruits, with notes of sweet spices.Enticed towards the Domaine Tour Campanets and convinced it had a great potential, she then put all her efforts in restoring the vineyard and took up the challenge to revive the making of wine.Subtle mixture of the vines, the rosé Esprit Campanets reveals a meaning and fruity bouquet.Round and delicate, the mouth is well balanced, with beautiful smooth tannins and an invigorating final.Actual monthly payments vary based on down payment amount, mortgage type, credit availability, interest rate changes, and other factors.

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