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But Fox News’ Dana Perino isn’t particularly impressed – or clear on the game’s rules. I haven’t watched it in a long time.” DOOCY: “If you solve it, you get whatever’s on the table.” KILMEADE: “And you always get the home game.” PERINO: “And she gets to be on Fox and Friends.” And while everyone else is cheering for Burke, MSNBC’s Morning Joe team thinks it’s wheely suspicious. ” BRZEZINSKI: “That does not happen.” SCARBOROUGH: “That’s a scene from Groundhog Day.” BRZEZINSKI: “Willy, don’t trick us. This is silly.” Finally, we should point out one contestant went before Burke – guessing the letter “R,” but it wasn’t there. His paternal grandparents are from Canton, China while his father, Barry, was born and raised in Australia.His mother, Anne, is also of Chinese descent, but was born in Taiwan and migrated to Australia in the 1970s. While selling phones, Pang began his career incidentally after walking into a casting agency who were looking for a performer to do a Chinese accent for a voice over, Pang booked the role dubbing as Jackie Chan's brother in New Police Story 4. He temporarily migrated to Beijing and Hong Kong to pursue an acting career.Gawker says this means she had two letters – but who cares? “OK, so *technically* Caitlin knew that there was no ‘R’ included (in addition to the one ‘L’ that was shown), too, but still... So, there will be no nods to Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran.But there will be technology (perhaps the thing most prone to dating of all).

in the late ’90s, condemned in 2006, and rebuilt in 2010 – was hit by a gang of teenagers early on Tuesday.

FEMALE ANCHOR: “They say you can see Sajak was just completely stunned. Let me get over this,’ because he didn’t know how to respond to her.” MALE ANCHOR: “Yeah, that’s impressive. To hear her describe it to New Jersey’s Star Ledger, she’s been practicing for this all her life.

“One day in high school classmates took turns talking about their goals. ‘I said, ‘I want to go on Wheel of Fortune.’" Burke got a Caribbean trip for solving the puzzle. ” DOOCY: “She obviously got the prize.” PERINO: “So if you solve the puzzle, you don’t get the—oh, okay, I get it. I want a full congressional investigation.” SCARBOROUGH: “Come on!

only got to touch ONE letter – in a Wheel of Fortune shocker. BURKE: “L.” SAJAK: “Uh, one ‘L.’” BURKE: “Can I solve?

“ (Audience laughter) SAJAK: “Okay.” BURKE: “It is a prize puzzle.” SAJAK: “Yeah.” BURKE: “I’ve got a good feeling about this.” SAJAK: “That’s right.” ABC’s morning anchors couldn’t believe her luck – but still weren’t as surprised as the king of the big wheel. Congratulations.” Caitlin Burke is a lifelong Wheel watcher – and applied for the show dozens of times.

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