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With civil matters, and some minor criminal matters, trials may be conducted without a jury (a so-called “bench trial”), but a party to the matter may still request a jury.

It is not unusual for a party to a case to request that they be assigned a new judge to decide their case.

Some preside over cases with a specific subject matter, such as bankruptcy judges, who oversee bankruptcies in bankruptcy court, juvenile court judges and probate judges, who make sure a person’ estate is handled properly upon their death. There are state courts, which decide matters of state law, and several levels of federal courts, which decide matters of federal law.

What follows are some common examples of matters that might render a judge incapable of being impartial, or fair, in a trial or hearing: No, typically, just because you don’t like a judge or you don’t agree with their decisions in you case, doesn’t mean you get to have new judge assigned to your case.

Each of these men and women worked to make Indiana and the nation a better place for us all.

The Manuscript Section of the Indiana State Library houses papers belonging to all of the lawyers and judges featured in this exhibit.

You may also want to learn about their character in general, and observe how they preside. An experienced attorney will likely already have knowledge about the court system, and the judges within it, where your case will be handled.

If you or your attorney discover there is a good reason why the judge should be changed, you should request the change prior to your court date.

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