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Worse, it’s often the only portrayal we get of Latinas in the media.

Representation teaches us that we’re not alone – and that in fact, Latinidad carries a huge history of many orientations and genders! Chispa is the new app for Latino single men and Latina single women with a simple mission: To create an exclusive community where Latino men and Latina women can find meaningful connections with people who share similar likes and interests.• If the feeling's mutual, then you're a match and can start chatting in our app right away. Slide the profile to the left to see the next person, or click the ‘X’ icon. If you don’t choose to purchase a subscription, you can simply continue to use Chispa.I know they’re out of the country and only want to intimidate you to take money out of you. If someone on here asks you for money or seems sketchy, just let them go.Please be careful when also doing online dating, you never know who’s really on the other side of that phone.

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