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Back in February, star Park Hae Jin pursued online news outlets with legal action for spreading the relationship rumors that he was dating actress Park Shin Hye.

Presently, this issue is ongoing now that Kang Dong Won and YG Entertainment have retaliated with legal action.

As for K-dramas, over 10 shows were immensely popular garnering a viewership rating in the double-digits.

This includes However, 2015 was also a very hectic year when it comes to Korean celebrity relationships.

Still waiting for another beautiful historical drama soon. Hope to see u in another historical drama since Princess Ja Myung has a sad ending. I never wanted to watch a movie twice until I watched "two faces of my girl friend".. I really hope that one day You would give me the chance to meet you in person!!

I think you have lost some weight in your upcoming movie.

The next one making the rounds are K-drama stars Kang Dong Won and Jung Ryeo Won.

she has everything.i hope she will pair again to kim rae won they really look like a couple in which star are you from I was rewatching your last drama Wok of Love and i realized that actually you are the light that illuminates this whole drama and that you are the one who makes every scene so beautiful . I enjoyed her acting in Witch Court, and adores her love chemistry with Seo Poong (Joon-Ho) in Wok of Love and currently watching her in Bubblegum. I keep watching your drama's , you are amazing in everyone of them . I can't say which is my favourite drama or film because she stands out in all of them. The thing is that she nailes every role that she gets perfectly. since i saw you in my lovely sam soon i have not been the same! i bet he said wait till Mark sees her he will never be the same!!! A person with a big and generous heart is Ryu Won Jung.So today when I read news of her confirmed casting in 'Greasy Melo' on AW with Jang Hyuk and Junho it's like 'Life is Beautiful' Rock on May! Want Salaryman to be 100% in ratings and to be the beast drama of year 2012. I started to be crazy about you when I watched "two faces of my girl friend".Please come back with another beautiful and romantic drama with Sang Woo Kwon and Gyu Woon Jung. your acting in that movie was unbelievablly stunning and I think you deserve oscar.According to reports on June 13, the former WINNERmember and actress are allegedly in a romantic relationship.Reports say Nam Tae Hyun was spotted waiting for Jung Ryeo Won to wrap up filming for the upcoming movie 'Gate' in the early hours of the morning.

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