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So once you got her number, it would be nice to send her a complimentary message once in a while.You can send her a text every morning or in the middle of the day.You may be a Westerner, but this doesn’t mean that you can just act like one when you’re around Japanese women.Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can start faking your attitude.So they spend their own money whenever they please especially when there is a new gadget in town that they are interested in.Another good thing about Japanese women is that they are very caring.This will make sure that they will stay curious about you and eventually stay with you in the long run.Japanese women love getting flattering messages from the opposite sex.

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They will even fo your laundry and give you a back massage after a long and tiring day.The reason behind this is because they are fun to be with.They love joking around, though they may seem shy at the beginning, once they open up to you, you will surely hear them giggle, and they will start to have fun.They have the power to unwind successfully when they are stress, which makes them a great companion.Japanese women are also not after anyone’s money since they can live in their family’s homes even if they become single for quite an extended period.

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