Is online dating a sign of desperation

I dated several guys who were not right for me and I felt unhappy and unloved in those relationships. When I became a Christian, I made a vow to God not to date anyone for 2 years so that I could get to know as much as I could about God. To delight in God is to love Him and allow Him and His word to guide and direct your life.As you get to know God’s word you will see the type of man God wants for you and you will be willing to wait on God to provide this person rather than compromise or settle for anything less.

Turned to it again in 2003 and got a twelve-year marriage.

This will save you from making poor choices when it comes to choosing a boyfriend/spouse.

Prior to becoming a Christian, I wanted nothing more than to have a boyfriend and get married. We’ve been married for 34 years and he is truly a man picked by God for me.

Waiting is one of the toughest things to do, but it is worth the wait.

Love, Joy Joy Basham has an extensive background in Christian studies and teaching.

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