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She can be seen actively participating in various charity works and events. After that, she grabbed a couple of more beauty pageant title winner.

Melina Perez was born as Melina Nava Perez on , at High Desert, California. Melina started her wrestling career in She is been entitled to various nicknames such as ‘The Gorgeous Grappler’, ‘The Hell Cat’, ‘The Barracuda’, and so on.

Thank you for letting me compete and find a home with each of your promotions.

As of 2019, Melina Perez has an estimated net worth of .3 million.

A former film major, John Hennigan first came to WWE's attention when he took part in Tough Enough III in 2002, a contest where he was named co-winner with fellow participant Matt Cappotelli.

After defeating Shannon Moore at a live event, he joined Cappotelli in Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he received more training for the ring.

Although he still appeared in dark matches on Raw, Johnny Nitro was soon headed back to Ohio Valley, where he began teaming with Joey Mercury.

The team, then known as MNM, had Melina Perez as their manager.

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