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I think a lot of us kind-of get into this stuff not just because we want to get laid more, but we want a sense of control over certain social interactions with women, and as I started using the SS, even though it wasn't the most effective stuff in the world, it started giving me control over these interactions.

Instead of haphazardly, kind-of helter-skelter going about it, I was kind-of able to direct where it was going.

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About a month later, a man by the name of IN10SE arranged a meeting between Ross and I at the 3rd street promenade. I'm kind-of weird about talking to a girl around him, so I try and get IN10SE to talk to her, and uh, basically, he says "No, I want YOU to talk to her Swingg." So I end up talking to the girl, drop her into a hypnotic trance, start fondling her breasts, and out of. " And, you know, I thought "Ross Jeffries is the master, he can do a lot better than me." But I don't think Ross had ever seen anything like it.

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PART II Thundercat: Now, let's back up a bit, because you did kind-of become a celebrity on the SS List. And I did start to do things that I couldn't do before.

Not fully controlling, but it was my first taste of what it was like to control a social interaction.

And I think for those reasons, I did very well with his material.

As I was able to do this, I did start to have certain lays, and I started to post them to the SS list, and people started to take notice.

And the more this happened, the more I started to get into kind-of sophisticated hypnotic techniques. that I was doing on women, and a man who was on the list by the name of Mark Cunningham, along with Tom Vizzini, flamed me.

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