Internet dating advice for men

Because when a woman only uploads ONE photo of herself for the entire planet to see, off course she’ll upload the most stunning photo of herself she can find, probably the best one ever made if she wants to meet a man. Think about it: if you can only fire one shot at the enemy when you’re at war, off course you’ll fire the most state of the art assault rifle you can find and not a near zero result musket that shoots blanks.

A woman will upload a photo that shows her from the best angle. It means she can only DISAPPOINT in real life, because in real life, sooner or later the world WON’T show her from the best angle possible.

It’s the least physical part of a woman that I care about.

Read More On all dating sites one of the questions you are asked to fill in on your profile is your “male body type.” Men need to be honest with themselves when filling out this section in their dating profile.

The result: they WASTE countless hours doing NOTHING online.

Wasting time while meeting women online is more deceptive than it sounds: time flies by when you’re easily distracted, and I’d like to give you 3 time SAVING tips that will PREVENT you from losing focus and doing what you came there to do in the first place, which is meeting interesting women.

At the same time, too long profiles are tiring to read.

Read your our profile yourself and answer the question honestly, Both men and women like to be asked questions. Do not feel shy to ask women you like a rhetorical or actual question.

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You can refer to some details in her profile, mention something about yourself, and you are good to go out on a real date soon. It is stupid to wait for something when you take full control of your life and love relationships.

How to pick up women online: 3 simple tips that will save you lots of time When you want to know how to pick up women online, you have to pick your battles carefully...because there are tens of thousands of profiles on hundreds of sites, making online dating more of a maze than an easily digestable thing.

In fact, the vast majority of men CAN’T tell the forrest from the trees anymore: when to message a woman, when NOT to message her, what to pay attention to?

When they’re not onlinee for 1 to 2 weeks, it’s no biggie because women have a life of their own too and they may be busy doing other stuff. But when a woman hasn’t been online for 3 weeks up to several months?

Than a little alarm bell should start to rinkle, because why would she ever be online tomorrow when she wasn’t interested in checking out her profile for all this time?

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