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Before we answer this question, let’s define dating.

Here are some of the characteristics of dating: Couples seek out suitable dating mates at work, friends network, at social places (such as a bar or a restaurant), or through dating apps or websites. They may break up or choose to get engaged or married.

Hindus do not wear footwear inside homes, temples, and other holy places. She also applies a Kumkum spot or sticks a bindi between her two eyebrows. Showing respect to elders is an integral part of Hindu culture.

They do not enter the temples after consuming alcohol and/or nonvegetarian food. They apply a spot or standing line of kumkum between the eyebrows on the forehead at the time of worship. They do not eat nonvegetarian food on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Chaturthis, Ekadashis, and many other festival days. Most of the marriages are of an arranged type with the consent of bride and groom. They do not kill snakes on Mondays and on the festival day of Nagpanchami. Hindus pierce the ears of babies and put golden earrings in them. A son must take care of his parents in their old age. There are different festivals for different deities.

Storylines in movies also changed tracks to dating, the dilemma of commitment, live in relationships and break-ups.

Several Bollywood movies even show the hero and the heroine using dating apps.

The yajna performed during the ceremony is supposed to wipe out ghosts and other types of negative energies from the house. You would find an altar in every house which contains miniature idols of many Hindu deities. The practice is observed in temples as well as homes also.

Mainly, people living in villages in India are very conscious regarding these.

It does not mean that people living in the cities do not observe them but they are not as staunch as the people in villages are.

With economic liberalisation, India started witnessing changing attitudes towards relationships.

With rising income levels, growing employment opportunities for young men and women, exposure to foreign culture via TV and the Internet, exponential growth of cell phones/smartphones, dating as a concept started growing roots in the metros.

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