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In 1993, the company extended its wings to Eastern Europe and acquired a factory to process small domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners, blenders and food processors.The company restructured its worldwide distribution channels and reduced the European warehouses significantly.The company began originally with three plants all located in West Germany. Their first year revenues were DEM 1 billion which were mainly generated in Germany the home country.

More than 75% of the company’s sales are generated happen outside Germany.This website does not deal with selling any appliances and has no commercials involved.BSH Home Appliances was founded in Germany in 1967 with the merger of Robert Bosch Gmb H and Siemens AG in Munich.So, you know, it’s a lot to think about really and I suppose I am thinking about the next sort of couple of years ahead now and what might happen there. People were concerned about the risk of passing arthritis on to their children.Some had decided not to have children because they didn’t want to risk having a child with arthritis. Jenna said she wouldn’t want her child to have arthritis but at the same time she could pass on advice about how to cope with the condition.

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