How to avoid dating jerks

You get the feeling that he’ll say anything to keep you around, and notice he regularly contradicts himself.

This sign is one that is very subtle, but it’s a doozy.

James, In my last letter I talked to you about your indirect strategy to acquire a girl’s number and a date, which resulted in you getting stood up. Women see this and can’t help but feel fuzzies in the company of a confident man. Once you are better prepared, we are going to throw you into the deep end of the opportunity pool.

After reading my letter you should realize getting stood up is not the end of the world. Then once you are both prepared and presented with many opportunities, you are at the sweet spot of “selection.” That’s right, you get to PICK which girl you want. A world in which you don’t have to SETTLE for whichever girl will give you the time of day on Tinder.

My concentration was really on completing my school courses, not on utilizing your training resources.

Consequently, even though I paid attention during the training, the effects were short lived.

It may not happen on the first date, but if you go on a second or third, you can bet it will happen eventually.

Really, do you want to deal with a guy who manipulates and guilt trips a girl? He’s testing the waters to see how much garbage you’ll put up with. Toss out the garbage (in this case, the man), and continue with a nice life.

So far, he’s put zero effort into making you happy.

If you’re in the dating scene, you’ve most likely run into a guy who fits this bill, and it’s in your best interest to avoid getting into a relationship or even talking to him at all.

Not sure whether the guy you’re dating is a complete jerk? He refuses to accept responsibility for wrongdoings.

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