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First trimester ultrasounds are more accurate than second trimester ultrasounds, which are in turn more accurate than third trimester ultrasounds.First trimester ultrasounds can reliably predict gestational age within 5-7 days. Later in the second trimester, you can be at least 2 weeks off.If you were to present for your first sono in the third trimester there can be 3 or more weeks of uncertainty of dates. Read more It's always a good idea to get it confirmed by your doctor but they are pretty similar to the ones we use in our office.The precision of an ultrasound depends somewhat on the equipment, the technician, the interpreter & the reason for study.If the scan is done to verify the placental location, fetal position & head size(to verify dates), simple equipment works ok.The test may be positive as early as 8-10 days after ovulation. The early ones are thought to be more accurate than later in pregnancy.Most of the tests are reliable now especially if done around the time you should get your menstrual cycle. You can verify dating with a conception calculator.

It takes about 1 week after conception for beta HCG to become detectable in the blood and 2 weeks for it to become detectable in urine. They give a reliable result, if done correctly, about a week after missing a period (or 3 weeks after sex).

If a woman has her normal regular period, then she is not pregnant, and a test is not needed. Read more Ovulation prediction kits are one predictor of ovulation. But, you have to do them at a time that they will work.

Others are menstrual cycle length, pain at ovulation, vaginal and cervical fluids. If everything looks good, ovulation has probably occurred, but the only real test is whether you get pregnant. That means after you have missed a period and when you had a sexual encounter during your fertile days of the menstrual cycle. Read more Ultrasounds tend to get more inaccurate as your pregnancy progresses.

This is much better than seeing a seizure with our eyes.

The EEG is also helpful for monitoring brain activity during sleep and alertness, coma and confusion. Read more See 1 more doctor answer You didn't say when in your cycle you had sex.

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