Hotwife chat

One of the most lucid non porno explanations is here this is clearly biased to a bloke that wants or does play with this scenario.

From chats on the web I am migrating towards couples who do seem to be able to make this work out- at least seem to in the short-term.

But if you are not planning any more children, why not indulge? The spice will be back in your life and the sparkle in her eye.

You can also keep the video evidence to stop the ear assault when she catches you with next doors wife.

If another guy is chasing your girl, it will put the spice back into your lives.

Figure what, if any harm could be done, and take precautions to safeguard against it.

Many women believe that i want to 'pimp' or 'whore' them to my friends, but it isn't like that at all - my sexuality is one that requires my female partners to be promiscuous. Sadly due to a combination of a botched medical procedure on her cervix and her regular lover moving away our sex life has taken a bit of a hit.

It is unusual, and I haven't met many other men who 'need' their partners to 'sleep around' [I use these terms in quote marks because I'm not happy with the shallowness of the language - it's much deeper], and always, always, consensually and without pressure. Thankfully I met and married a woman who not only listened and tried to understand, but accepted me and took lovers. This naturally has lead to some tension, but we talk, and through kindness and love and support, we're making our way through it.

If you don't give the fantasy much attention, it may fade away Kevin I like the adea that it is generally symptomatic of increased lbido and adventurousness rather than of deeper meaning.

The way I see it is that you want to know your kids are your own, for the sake of Darwin, and that's it.

A relationship is kept for the sake of the children and you do what you have to in order that everyone benefits.

There is no ulterior/hidden meaning to what's happening.

Everyone wants things to change every once in a while, and not expecting things to change is wrong.

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