Hirens updating kaspersky

I priorly tried figure out why win 10 is not running normally because I could not do anything in file explorer....

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If one doesn't work or boot, re-create the bootable USB with the other option. Downloaded Mint 17.2 and now have a bootable stick. I'm thinking that would be really flexible - saving settings, adding apps, etc.I run Kubuntu now but it caused me some major headaches setting up on one laptop.Don't like the UI at all and don't know what I'll try next.Use Rufus to create a MBR / UEFI live bootable Linux Mint USB flash drive. Linux Mint x64 has UEFI support (32 bit version may not), a Foxfire browser built in, copy/delete file manager and even disk partitioning software (Gparted) all accessible from the USB live boot stick when booted. Best of all, its live graphical interface looks and operates very much like Windows. Under the following fields, fill in: First, click on "Disc Icon" button (on the right side about 2/3's of the way down the Rufus menu) and find and select the Linux Mint x64 ISO source file on your hard disk.-Here is how to create a MBR / UEFI bootable USB flash drive: First download and install Rufus bootable USB creator in Windows. -How to use Rufus to create a MBR / UEFI bootable USB flash drive. This is used to create the bootable USB flash drive.

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