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Males from general sensory mutants Mate-location behavior depends on the ability of the nervous system to integrate incoming mate-specific cues and translate this information into appropriate responses in muscles and other effectors. We also tested vulvaless hermaphrodites for their ability to condition agar and as well both general and specific male sensory mutants for their ability to respond.

Odorant cues have been studied extensively in fruit flies (1), other insects (2), fish (3, 4), and rodents (5), and less in reptiles (6, 7), birds (8), various mammals (9, 10), and primates including humans (11–13). Last, we report cue-detection results from males of several )] strains, males from isolates occur spontaneously at an inconveniently low frequency in the self-progeny of hermaphrodites.

come into association with their hermaphroditic counterparts they cease foraging behavior and begin to mate.

Here we detail several assays used to demonstrate that a diffusible cue is correlated with this process.

This cue is sexually dimorphic, given off only by the hermaphrodite and eliciting a response only in the male.

Say you’re a male deepsea lizardfish looking to father some kids.

hat do you do when you live 8,000 feet deep in the ocean, where it’s dark, lonely, and probably pretty boring, but you really want to get it on?

You get creative and learn to copulate with any member of your species that comes your way.

Trials were performed on 5-cm agar plates with 2-day-old bacterial lawns (gray, stippled area).

Individual test animals (w) were introduced ≈1 cm from scoring region in the response assay (a), directly on area A in the holding assay, dispersing on their release (b), and more than 1.5 cm from conditioned point source in the attraction assay (c).

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