Hasselblad dating

Kodak had both the quality and the production capability to design and build lenses for VH.

Mechanically they were simple- a manual diaphragm and a focusing mount.

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The big difference is going to be the price which is ,750 for the body and will available in July.

And American optics may have become too expensive by then, but that's speculation. The real shame is I once had the OE camera for this lens in my hands, but passed on it as the owner never put the 2 together... IMG-1527 by TIN CAN COLLEGE, on Flickr IMG-1528 by TIN CAN COLLEGE, on Flickr Very nearly was lost in the ripped open box it was shipped in.

Just got a USA Aero Ektar f2.5 7" EE 4065 which makes it 1944. Mounted on a Speed Graphic lens board with custom aluminum adapter plate. At one time I had a Hasselblad 1600F with Ektar lenses.

Hasselblad has revealed the new X1D II 50C, this model is the follow up to the company’s first mirrorless camera 2016’s X1D.

The new camera looks the same as the previous model, from its design, size, and appearance to its 50-megapixel, medium-format sensor.

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