Gregory harrison and heather menzies dating

Traveling in a futuristic hovercraft-like vehicle which they find in an abandoned building in the remains of Washington DC, they embark on a trek through post-apocalyptic United States in order to find Sanctuary.On their journey, they encounter strange human societies, robots, and even aliens.Logan and Jessica are also assisted in each episode by an android called Rem (Donald Moffat) who did not appear in the film version.The series depicted Logan and Jessica escaping from the City of Domes only to be pursued by Francis (Randolph Powell) and various other Sandmen.Phil commented recently on a Stuff Facebook post, saying he wished he would be struck by Cupid's arrow.All he wants is an honest woman."That's my ideal woman," Worth said.Logan and Jessica were joined on their journey by an android named Rem (played by Donald Moffat), whom they come across in a futuristic city run by robots. Executive Producers of the TV show were Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, who had created Charlie's Angels the year before.

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The early church fathers remain helpful for the contemporary Christian.Logan's Run is a 1977 American television series, a spin-off from the 1976 film of the same name.The series starred Gregory Harrison as title character Logan 5, and Heather Menzies as Jessica 6.The church must know its roots, and its roots are deep indeed.He loves animals (his cat's name is Ginger and you can see several pictures of her on his Facebook page, along with sweet pictures of his cows), wrestling, the beach, movies and riding his motorbike.

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