Great expectations dating scam

This is a growing problem whose losses can be measured not only in the millions of dollars lost by victims but also by the emotional devastation each and every one of them experiences.

Private investigator MJ elaborates more on the systems that the con artist use.

We have all heard of the classic email scams of Nigerian princes but a new costly scam is on the rise. The perpator wants money and the victim wants love and attention.

Scammer create profiles with photos of former models or other attractive people It starts will a innocent message as so it seems, but it is anything but innocent.

This scheme is becoming one of the worst crimes in American history since these criminals prey on the elderly’s good nature and kindness.

Mid age men and women are not exempt; Since they can be a lucrative target. Online thieves and scammers have figure out how to entice the victims to make the first contact; After realizing phishing emails don’t work anymore.

The messages start slow but then they exploite what is important for you to use it as financial gain.They get to know you through what seems like common questions, but really it’s to get information to use against you.They often spend hours upon hours talking to you, making you feel comfortable and slightly vulnerable.Imagine losing all of your savings and assets, your emotional feelings and self-respect destroyed, all at the same time.Never send anyone money that you are not married to or know personally for years.

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