Go ara dating

Looking forward to your new drama,oh i almost forgot,you are the most beautiful korean actress with natural beauty.

I love Go Ara so much..is damn beautiful..i love how he she speak.the voice..her eyes.her acting.when she cries coz ita make me cries too..everyrhing about her.... I love Go Ara, i like her in "who are you", "reply1994", "You all surrounded", also "Joseon Magician" but but i dont like her character in hwarang, but i love her in "Black" and the drama also one of the best, will always be your fan, stay true, stay happy and cheer, your beautiful inside and outside, and also cute, keep fighting Princess Ara!

Always stay true to yourself, we will be protecting you from the super negative,evil bashers... i love this actress so much , she's so beautiful , and the most important she looks innocent, i've seen her in different dramas and two movies, one of them is The Magician,i like her a lot in this movie, because of her acting and also because she's acting with the most innocent actor Yoo Seung-Ho , but in Hwarang's drama she's the main actress, and her acting in this drama don't impress me much, i think she needs more practice and experience....

First saw you in You're all Surrounded was impressed.

At this age, she has already been a fantastic actress and her amazing work has won millions of hearts all over the world.

She has also been a very impressive singer and some might be shocked to know how a single person can be so multi talented.

She might be the very best actress in South Korea and to achieve and maintain this level of success, she has to remain focused and work very hard.

On the February 21 broadcast, the two celebrities spent their day together and got to know each other.

Hyomin and Fei ate dinner and found something they had in common while talking about their dating styles.

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