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I confronted him about all this and he wasn't using the websites or sleeping with men any more. Honestly, I feel like I've just been a cover for his family because he's not able to come out. I'm sorry, I just don't buy this 'cleaning his inbox' line. Your boyfriend is a serial, compulsive cheater and liar. Infidelity can happen in relationships for a variety of reasons, however the least forgivable is probably 'not being able to keep it in his pants' syndrome.

I don't believe the 'once a cheat, always a cheat' philosophy.

Security and privacy: 3/5Social media accounts can be linked optionally, email verification not mandatory.

Hookup chance: 4/5Other user profiles are displayed according to their geolocation while each user can choose whether others can see the exact distance to himself or not. The most minimalistic, yet meaningful among online gay dating sites.

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I've been dating my boyfriend for just over five years.

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